Mobile Call Back Spam

*ring* *hang up* “What the? Don’t recognise that number…”

Telemarketers are taking the battle up a notch. They now prank your mobile with one ring then hang up. This has been happening for at least a few months before Christmas. Most people will call the number back to find out who they missed. These people are then greated with a recorded message saying they have won! and then requests them to dial a $2.50/min number for further details.

There is a way to combat this latest attempt to further increase the frustration and stress in the people of Oz. You can contact your mobile phone service provider and have the number blocked, which may or may not incur a fee. Or ‘block’ it on your phone.

To block some of these calls on your phone (may be different on some makes, but will work on most Nokias)

  1. Create a fake contact with the name Spam
  2. Add the numbers from the list below
  3. Create and modify a Calling Group with the name of Spam and assign a low or blank ringtone to this group*

*even if you can’t create a Calling Group, the Spam contact will be enough to identify these spam calls. πŸ˜‰
Now everytime these marketers call it will come up with ‘Spam’ onscreen and will either ring a different quieter tune, or nothing at all. Ah the Serenity.

Spam Numbers

  • 02 8219 0500
  • 02 8303 8320
  • 02 8303 8321
  • 02 8404 2201
  • 02 8404 2203
  • 02 8404 2207
  • 02 8404 2213
  • 02 8404 2215
  • 02 8404 2216
  • 02 8404 2235
  • 02 8404 2236
  • 02 8404 2239
  • 02 8404 2242
  • 02 8404 2245
  • 02 8404 2289
  • 02 8404 2296
  • 02 8404 2298
  • 03 8102 9563
  • 03 8102 9565
  • 03 8102 9573
  • 03 8558 0556
  • 03 8558 1441
  • 03 8558 1442
  • 03 8558 1443
  • 03 8558 1444
  • 03 8558 1445
  • 03 8558 1446
  • 03 8558 1447
  • 03 9540 2950
  • 03 9540 5100
  • 03 9540 5101
  • 03 9540 5187
  • 03 9540 5189
  • 03 9855 2913

list last updated: 15/06/2006

More information and developments on this topic can be found over in this thread at
Thread has since been deleted, very strange…

The lads over at 4WM have been collecting data in regards to this call back spam and have been looking into taking action against the Company behind this marketing ploy.

There has also been some recent media coverage of this scam. See my Mobile Call Back Scam in the Media post for more details.



  1. huahahaha! Interesting! After all, not only our emails and weblogs are being spammed but also our mobile phones! I’d never known/experienced something like this before, though i don’t know the spam numbers in this country, if i find out one day I’d follow this trick, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Hey dude,

    Thanks for that info…

    Can you think of a reason why the Whirlpool thread has closed down???


  3. Hey Stephen,

    No idea why the thread was closed. Perhaps there were some post later on they could have possible legal ramifications…

    Who knows. :/

  4. I recieved a missed call from 03 8558 1444 today at roughly 4:30pm after i called the number from my home phone ( private number ) and realised it was a prank i googled the number to end up here. I contacted the ACCC and informed them of the phone call i “missed” and the number, time etc. I hope that others will take the same aproch and call the ACCC so this form of marketing does not become main stream. BTW my mobile phone number is not listed anywhere and is only given to my friends and very few clients.

  5. Anyone interested in following up more into the situation, we have decided over at 4 Wise Monkeys to look into the situation a lot closer.

    If we can all group together, and try to get something resolved in the situation. click the DC Marketing link up the top to see all.

  6. Hi Munnday,

    Have caught up on the post regarding DC on 4WM. Will keep an eye on it and post an update here in the coming days. Hopefully drumming up some more support.

  7. Following is from Whirlpool as to why thread was taken down:

    Company Name: DC Marketing
    Date of first contact: 5 Feb 2006
    Means of contact: email to Simon
    Thread/s referenced: forum-replies.cfm?t=430638
    Date of first post: 21 Nov 2005
    Date of last post: Feb 5 2006
    Complaint: Thread appears in Google and contains information detrimental to company.
    Request/demands: Thread must be cleaned and supervised, with bad posts being removed within 20mins, and contact details for named posters sent to DC Marketing by 10 Feb 2006.
    WP first response/action: Thread cleaned and closed.
    Subsequent actions:
    DC Marketing was not satisfied and demanded thread be completely deleted.
    Whirlpool deleted thread Feb 6 2006 and confirmed actions with DC Marketing. No further action has been taken or demanded since then.

    Love the fact that these ‘people’ want the details of those that posted. What for? Stating the truth?

  8. Another spam number just discovered me.
    03 8558 0556
    Thanks for the info. I called the number out of curiosity…apparently it’s my lucky day.

  9. I received a call from ’03 9540 5189′ at 5:30pm today (01.04.06) – not knowing anyone with this number – i became suspicious and decided to see if Google came up with anything. And sure enough – it led me here! I’m not sure how they get the number — but i have entered my mobile number to a few competitions online, legitimate ones (hopefully). Thanks for the tips.

    I also received 3 in a row – minute after minute — late at night? Perhaps a glitch in the system — or late night phone stalker??

  10. Hey, i just keyed in a number on my Mobile that i was suspicious of. dunno why I did it, its not like I ever call back anyway.

    However, in it linked to your site, and sure enough,spam. It was at 10.28 this morning.

    Anyway, good job And f*ck the mods at whirlpool for being such pussies and bowing to the DC Marketing clowns

  11. I also googled the number just to see what I’d get. The call was at 07:15am.

    These companies just dial every available number. If it rings, it’s added to the database to be rung again. Eventually, everyone will be on the list.

  12. Glad to see this post is helping. πŸ™‚

    Pretty sure this type of scam hit the news recently. I think it may have been TodayTonight?

  13. Yea, I noticed it aswell watching Backyard Blitz. I’m really hoping it is DC Marketing. However my mum said something about another scam going through schools – something about your past life. I don’t know much about that. But given the short clip I saw of the “phone scam” featured people in school uniforms, I don’t think it’s DC Marketing 😦

    Time to step up the crusade a bit perhaps? We at 4WM have been considering taking what we’ve dug up to the media for a while, but we honestly don’t know if it’s enough to really peak their intrest :-

  14. Time to step up the crusade a bit perhaps? We at 4WM have been considering taking what we’ve dug up to the media for a while, but we honestly don’t know if it’s enough to really peak their intrest :-

    Could be considering the new no call list…

  15. Consider it steped up, we have contacted some media outlets (more to come in the future). After a long talk with the team, we feel we maybe in a position to convince some media outlets to take control.

    We have found some interesting information thanks to some loyal readers.

  16. Thanks for this post, I found on google after I checked the number called on my mobile. 0385580556

    Lets wipe out this crap!

  17. Hey, thanks heaps!. I got a missed call… didn’t recognise the number… so i decided to Google it. Google led me straight here!!!

    Awesome work getting the list!!!. Thanks!

  18. I was the original poster in the whirlpool forums.

    I created the post to ask if others had experinced DC marketting.. i incorrectly had the thread title as cc marketting…

    It ened up being legal heavies that put the pressure on the whirlpool owners.. being non profit.. they had no choice but to drop the thread… why wouldn’t they?.. i would drop it if i was hit with possible legal action… it stinks though.. shows you can muffle free speech..



  19. I googled the number and came across your site, really cool guys, thanks for the heads up. I’ll look out for the scam now that I know about it, and pass on the link to my friends.

  20. Over the last few days I have been receiving a call from an unknown number. When I answer it, the lines dead, about 20mins later I get the call again and this has repeated until I reject the phone call. This series of events has happened 3 times over the last three days. I cant check my current phone calls to see if answering cost me money but because the phone number is unknown it will force me to hang up on all unknown callers, friend of foe. Has anyone else experienced this?

  21. Google adds another number to your list, (03)8102-9565

    I got that call at 9:58am AEST on 19th April 2006

    could be a different company, same kind of scam

  22. thanks for the site mate. Just had a call from 03 9540 5189, didnt recognise it, thought id pop the number into a google search to see what suburb its from and this site came up! nice work


  23. Same, I got a missed call on my old phone from that number.

    Luckily my mum has the phone and doesn’t ring back, she just told me the number.

    Thanks for the heads up, it saved me a lot of screwing around.

  24. 28/04/2006 19:27 EST – missed 2 calls each on 2 consecutively numbered mobiles 0415.., from the 03 8558 0556 number. Googled it this morning and found your site. Thanks for the info, I will pass it on.

  25. hey
    thanx for the info… i’ve been called twice now and i was gunna go home and ring em back to find out who they were when i decided to find out what area it was seeings i didn’t recognise the number… so i looked on the net and found your site… loads of help and didn’t have to wast ne money…

  26. I received a call on 05-05-2006 at 1245. My number starts with 0415. I googled the number to see who had rung me – thanks for this site.

  27. Like others who left comments, I had gotten a couple of calls from an unknown number (in my case 0385580556) and I googled it and this page came up. Thanks for the info and for saving me time and money.

  28. 03 8558 0556 called me at 1300 on this Sunday.

    I did not answer and I checked the number on internet before calling back, after checking it and finding it here I did of course not call back.

  29. I got called from 0395405189 at 8:45 this morning. I did call them (but not the 1-900 number. My number is unregistered, but i wanted to find out more about this and i ended up at this place. great work guys. Without you lot i would have been in the dark on what they are up to.

    Personally i like the Russian Mafia method. Find out the adress they are at, an kill their wife and children. Often very rewarding experience (sorry for this, but i have had enough of these spammers). Anybody have names and adresses of these people in Birmingham? No fee for Lawyers and so on. solves everyones proble i say. (but then i was always a little nuts).

    Still thanks to you guys for informing the ‘public’.

    Have a great weekend.

  30. Got a call at 7:30am yesterday – luckily it didn’t wake me up. I ignored it, figuring it was a wrong number (was a number starting with 03 and I live in SA).

    Got another call, thankfully while I was away from my desk, at about 9:30am today. I goggled the number to see if maybe whoever it belonged to (I was guessing a company since I have no friends in Melbourne) had a website that’d explain who they were.

    All I can say is, thanks for the post!

  31. I have just got the call on my mobile with the 03-9540 5189 number and knowing I didn’t know any number with that area code, thought I would look it up and found your page. Now I know what this call is, will ask my phone company to block it. Thank you for your valuable adivce and information

  32. It is sad that i got the number from 03 9540 5189 today at about 12:40. I googled it and find info here. Thanks mate!

  33. Evening all,

    If your all serious about taking further action against DC Marketing regarding these scam mobile missed calls. Please email me with as much information as each of you have. I currently work for a large media company, Lets say when you watch CSI or read womans weekly, you know im there. My email is as follows, I must warn i do not except or tolerate stupid or silly or immature emails. strictly only emails regarding DC Marketing. And yes, i have been hit by the same scam. May threaten legal against whirlpool, But i am at least protected.

  34. For info…
    Monday 15th May 2006 9:30pm – received the prank from 03 95405187 – a new number?

  35. CHeck out [URL=]this page[/URL]

    DC Marketing is now forcing legal action against us for informing the people…

  36. Thanks Oscar, have added the number to the list.

    Got pranked by another new number last Sat night, 02 8404 2213. :/

  37. Just doesn’t stop does it…

    You may find that your blog is no longer found through google, DC is talking with google about stopping the indexing of sites posting information about this… This has already happened to our site and may happen to you. If not, keep it up!

  38. hey guys, thanks for this, out of nowhere i got a call and i couldnt track it down in our personal phonebook and the other day my friend got a spam phonecall. Thinking i could have gotten the same i went searching… now i know ta πŸ˜‰

  39. I received a missed call today from 03 85580556 at 11.36.Knowing no one in melbourne i too googled the number thinking it was a business number and ended up here.I had no idea this spam even existed so thanks to everyone for the posts.

  40. Hi there. Just to let you know the scam is still alive and well. I just received a phone call from one of the already known numbers, googled it and ended up here.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  41. Hi guys, we have set up a forum for this as well, please visit (skit we would love you to join and also help us on future scams)


    Just a quick FYI. Will have this site redesigned tonight. Was only recently informed that it’s not displaying properly in Firefox. :/

  42. yep, got it this morning, googled the number got this site, was from 03 9540 5187 and got it at 9am.

  43. Hi there,
    Just had a new one from 02 8404 2296 23/05/06 10:38.
    Ended up here after googling first part of number 02 8404 ..
    Have called the number I received and it’s definitely the same thing.

  44. I got pranked last night with a similar number to the list 02 8404 2296. Another prank number I know of is 02 8404 2298.

  45. This is a joke… my phone was next to me and I didn’t even hear the ring but it listed the missed call so i then googled the first few numbers and ended up here!! I haven’t bothered to call it but its very similar number to what you have with only one number changed so I’m assuming its a new one …its 0284042215.

  46. Thanks to those last few posters listing new numbers. Have called them just be sure and I was able to verfiy both 02 8404 2215 and 02 8404 2296. I wasn’t able to verfiy 02 8404 2298, it sounded as if I wasn’t able to connect to that number.

    The first two numbers have now been added to the list. πŸ™‚

  47. Today I missed two calls from these losers at 7.02pm from (02) 8404 2296, now i hope my number doesnt get around, i missed the call from 8404 and just wanted to see the suburb that the number belonged to and ended up here, good on ya! if it helps i recently entered two competitions, one from Optus recharge card and the other from a cherry ripe wraper, one of these two may have leaked my number…

  48. just an idea, maybe someone may want to contact today tonite or aca and get more people awared of this scam…

  49. 23/5/06 18:18

    I just got a miss call from 03 9540 5187 .
    Didn’t even know it was a spam number!!!

    Just wanted to now 03 95…. were which area of Melb.
    glad that I did tylpe whole number at Go*gle!

    thank you… for… this website!

  50. Hi googled a missed call and also ended up here. Very clever guys!
    My husband and I received calls from the following numbers. 02 8404 2296 and 02 8404 2298

  51. Just received a 1 ring mob call from 03 9540 5187
    at 8:31 am this morning. Google lead me here. Haven’t called – don’t want my number to be confirmed as receptive. Wonder if it’s like the dangers of clicking on “unsubscribe” in spam emails (just proves you read the emails). I’m in Melb. I’m considering contacting the ACCC.

  52. Hey,
    New number – (02) 8404 2236 today at 1:21pm. Like so many others googled the first 6 digits and region code and ended up here.
    These guys have unbelievable cheek to try that stuff with Whirlpool and Google. Legally they have absolutely no leg to stand on so its sad to see that Whirlpool didn’t call their bluff.


    Heard about this and looked back thru my call logs to see I had also gotten one of these calls.

    I thought this would be blatantly illegal as they apparently dont tell you how to claim your ‘prize’, thus it is false advertising.

    The whirlpool thread contains the info on the company, I’d suggest investing in an envelope and a 50c stamp to send them something disgusting; some dead bugs, some unlabelled bicarb soda, a can of spam (may have a better effect if opened before posting)

  54. I got a new missed call number (02) 8404 2203.
    I have already lodged a complaint with the ACCC. I would advise everyone else to do the same if it happens to you. This is ridiculous.
    Thanks for publishing the numbers, guys!

  55. Hmmm who google’s missed numbers?!? Well apparently lots of people. I find that extremely weird.

    I got the missed call and called it back. Hung up straight away when I realised what it was.

    This morning I got an email warning of these scams going on. And that’s when I googled the number and brought me here

  56. Hey does anyone have any contact details for DC Marketing at all…

    Would like either business number, Address ect.
    I have web site and po box but need more….

    Having alot of trouble finding this info your help would be great.

  57. Well u google the number to see if u have actually won anything DECENT, not some shitty mobile crap. I got a call last nite after the Soccer match. Hope they get badluck each time a dodgey call is made.

  58. i got a call from 02 84042296 at 11.09 this morning (i’m 0422, currently on virgin). it rang for about 1/2 a second, they hung up just before i picked up. thinking it could be something semi-important but not knowing the number, i called it back, luckily for me it was engaged.

    i googled the ’02 84′ bit, but only came up with st leanords area number (this might be a clue?). i told my brother about it caus he’s up in sydney, and he linked me here. thank god for people like you who actually do something about this sort of thing

  59. had a missed call last night – NSW number – rang back – it’s DM scam

    here’s another number to add to your list
    02 8404 2203.

    I’ve recently switched back to Optus after being with Vodafone for 2 years and this is the first time it’s happened to me – if it keeps up i’m going back to VF

  60. one missed call from (02) 8404 2296 — 26May06, 04:55pm

    god google rocks.. i always find the numbers i have missed calls from just so i dont have to call them back to ask who they are

  61. thanks buddy,

    I jsut got blank miss call from 02 8404 2296.

    an i just searched for the number and got your list. he..he..he.

    good on u mite…
    is it possible to have some legal action gainst such marketting compnies..???

    becuse they make waste of lots of ppl. money and time ..

    any one knows some site on which we can find out about perticular number.?

  62. They called a number that my partner got specifically for the purpose of putting on flyers to advertise a horse in Western Sydney recently, so it’s clearly a completely random thing, probably just one of those auto dialler machines. By strong arming Whirlpool and Google they know that they’re doing something dodgy, and didn’t want the whole thing blown.

    Need to track them down with a physical street address, and practice using bolt cutters with their phone lines…..

  63. Hi, I’ve got a missed acall from 03 81029565at 21.29 today.
    might be another spam number!

  64. thanks for the list. i just got a call from a sydney number i didnt know (02) 94042296 but they dont belong to the phone numbers of any of my sydney friends (of which i have 3, who would never call me on my mobile phone using their house phone!)

  65. thanks for this list. Only problem is my phone cannot put so many numbers under one contact (ie. Spam). Sony Ericsson K500i. Any ideas?

    Google brought me here. Actually, my super sleuth skills did, but yeh…didn’t know about this scam until now. Got a call from 0284042236 on 26th May 2006, at 7:22pm.


  66. Only problem is my phone cannot put so many numbers under one contact (ie. Spam). Sony Ericsson K500i. Any ideas?

    Good point John. My only suggestion would be to create multiple contacts in the phone, eg. Spam01, Spam02 etc. Thus you can spread the numbers over the multiple contacts.

    Another option would be to only include numbers that you may be bombarded with calls from.

  67. Got a missed call on my mobile at 10:20pm from 02 8404 2215

    Called the number back and a prerecorded voice said

    “did I just call you?” and then crapped on about winning a “mobile content prize”
    and to claim dial 1900 968 946 at a cost of $2.97 per minute to receive my $40 gift

    ba star ds!

  68. Thing i find interesting bout all this is most those numbers would appear to be VoIP numbers… Cheap bastards trying to make money out of us and won’t even pay for a normal phone line from telstra like the most of us have to… Anyway i enter heaps of competitions using my mobile number so i’m just waiting for one of those lists to be leaked although i suspect it’s more likely they’re just working their way through every number combination possible… Morons probably even call themselves… thing is they probably believe the calls πŸ˜›

  69. I just got one of these from 02 8404 2296, and i typed the number into google, came up with your site, good to see someone exposing the scam.
    bah humbug i say to these goons!

  70. hey, I just got one of those from 02 8404 2215 – could hear my phone beeping a “missed call” alert, came out and checked the number. I didn’t recognise it, so I thought I owuld google it to see if it would turn up associated with a business or a web page. It did – this one!

    Might explain a couple of the other missed call numbers I’ve had over the past few weeks – I never called back because I didn’t recognise the numbers and I figured if it was important / was a friend with a new number trying to reach me, they would call back.

    Thanks, guys. It really makes me cranky to say the least. I’ve followed your suggestion and put a “spam callers” entry on my phone.

  71. I was just pranked by 0284042296, googled the number and found your post.

    thanks for this post – i am going to pass the news of this scam around.

  72. I had a missed call today from 02 8404 2296 – thanks for letting everyone know these numbers are spam.

  73. Same as John, I received the one ring call from 0284042236
    Google has brought me here.
    Thanks guys for sharing these numbers!

  74. got a missed call from 0381029565 at 8pm 30th of may. saw someone else had gotten one as well recently so figured it’s probably another spam one. Cheers.

  75. Well, I have no idea who’s blog this is, or the history behind this.

    But I woke up this morning and had a missed call on my mobile. It was 02 8404 2296, and seeing as I’m in Adelaide.. I wondered if it was a business.

    I punched it into google, pressed ‘im feeling lucky’ and voila, your blog saved me a call back.

    Cheers and good work.

  76. I had a missed call from 02 8404 2236 on my mobile on 31/5/2006. Google brought me here. Thanks for letting me know it’s spam.

  77. got a missed call from 0284042296, at 13:52 today.. Then the missus got one shortly after, from the same number.

    Our numbers are only a few digits out. they must be randomly calling numbers starting 04060 today

  78. Yeh, I received a call 01 8404 2296 at 8:11 am. What is the point of doing this anyway? Thanks for this blog…but I am tempted to call them up and see what’s the deal with them. A few of my friends got pranked by the same number as well…

  79. I also recieved the call, but knew it was spam. I googled it and found this site…..heres what else i found (not in google may i add).

    Specified Number (02) 8219-0500
    Range (02) 8219-0000 – (02) 8220-9999 (20000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 19-Nov-1999
    Service Area Sydney (SZU)
    Exchange Name Haymarket

    Specified Number (02) 8303-8320
    Range (02) 8303-0000 – (02) 8303-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 26-Feb-1999
    Service Area Sydney (SZU)
    Exchange Name South/South East

    Specified Number (02) 8404-2201 (These f**kers pranked me)
    Range (02) 8404-0000 – (02) 8404-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Powertel Ltd
    Allocation Date 12-Oct-2005
    Service Area Sydney (SZU), North Sector
    Exchange Name Sydney

    Specified Number (03) 8102-9565
    Range (03) 8102-0000 – (03) 8102-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee AAPT Ltd
    Allocation Date 30-Nov-2000
    Service Area Melbourne (SZU)
    Exchange Name Melbourne

    Specified Number (03) 8558-0556
    Range (03) 8558-0000 – (03) 8558-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 22-Oct-1997
    Service Area Clayton (SZU)
    Exchange Name Heatherton

    Specified Number (03) 9540-2950
    Range (03) 9540-0000 – (03) 9540-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 30-Jun-1991
    Service Area Melbourne (SZU)
    Exchange Name Springvale

    Specified Number (03) 9540-5100
    Range (03) 9540-0000 – (03) 9540-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 30-Jun-1991
    Service Area Melbourne (SZU)
    Exchange Name Springvale

    Specified Number (03) 9855-2913
    Range (03) 9855-0000 – (03) 9855-9999 (10000 numbers)
    Allocatee Telstra Corporation Limited
    Allocation Date 25-Aug-1995
    Service Area Melbourne (SZU)
    Exchange Name Eastern

    Unfortunately i could not find the addresses of the numbers as none of them would show up.

  80. Thanks for the help, I got calls (03 8558 0556 and 02 84042296) on a number that I’ve never given out to any business, banks, or even friends, I only use it as a ‘land line’ to talk with whoever is home. I’m with Vodafone.

  81. i rang the ACCC also.
    Guys Ring the ACCC they log it all.
    ATM its not illigal to do wat they r doing. its is lodged as a marketing call. But its about to be illigal according to the ACCC
    RING ACCC guys 1300 302 502

  82. Just got ‘the call’ from 028404 2215. I had one in November ’05 and a google search found me the info, so typed this number into google and found this page.

    Keep up the good work everyone here and at 4WM.

  83. I got one of these last night from (02)84042236…. Thankyou so much for putting this info up for others who have been called by these numbers…..

  84. i just posted a couple of days about the sydney number i received a call from. this time i got it from melbourne! once again no one would ring my – if my rellies want to bother me from melbourne theyd just bother me on msn or email! anyway the number was 03 8102 9565

  85. Hey,

    I’ve received a couple of these calls and didn’t think it was quite right, so googled it and found your posting.

    Cheers for the heads up!

    So over this whole direct marketing lark..

  86. Hey, i was pranked on the 29th of this month by 0284042236 and was curious so i did the same as others and googled it only to find myself here! Thanks heaps for the info, its a great help.

    What is our world coming to?

  87. hey people
    i received a missed call from 02 84042296 didnt bother ringing it back thinking it was a recent job i had applied for. googled the number to find out if it was an organisation and ended up here. my mobile numberis only given to my friends and work. thanks for the info i was going to call them back..

  88. Hello,

    I had a missed call last night from 0284042296, didnt recognise it, googled it and found this page. It was at 22:37 can you beleive! If I had’nt have had that on silent, I would have had a nasty shock while sleeping!

    There seems to be overwhelming evidence from this page that this number is A source of this problem….I don’t know why it cant be shut down?


  89. Just received a call from 0284042236, it rang once and hung up, checked missed calls, didnt know the number so i did a google search on it, lucky about 2 weeks ago my mum sent me an email about the spam phone numbers

    Very glad i didnt call it back.

  90. I too just received a missed call from 0381029565 – phone didnt ring at all – which I thought was strange, so googled it and here I am.

    Good job you guys…

  91. 02 8404 2215 @ 9:19am this morning. Strange for me t oget a call from an out-of-state number on my mobile, so I googled it hoping to see if it came up as a contact number for a company I’d had something to do with…and voila, this site πŸ™‚


  92. I received a missed call from 02 8404 2296. As I don’t have friend in Canberra so I did not return call but want to know which company called me. Luck me, I found this email. Indeed, this is my second time receiving the spam miss call. Cheers.

  93. Hey! Seems as all the geniusesesesez out there know where it’s at. Google my friend. I just got the same phone call from the 02 8404 2296 number & so i rang back on the work phone to see what was the go… freako’z!

  94. I received a call from 02 8404 2242. I didn’t return the call, and as it only rang once i am assuming its a hoax. This is a number not on the list so please be aware of this one too.

    Cheers πŸ˜›

  95. Got a missed call on boyfriends mob from 02 8404 2215 2/6/2006 at 6.15pm. Called back on 6/6/2005 never assuming it was a spam call and it was a popular dating agency. Was I fuming.. Then we both called back 7/6/2006 around 12.30pm and heard crap about winning a β€œmobile content prize” as we both wanted to find out what the hell this was all about. Then I came onto this website.

  96. So glad posted on this topic of annoying ppl grr .Yes i googled and found your site.
    I only bought my phone 2wks ago and already ,it’s started .
    Anyways so glad you posted this and i’ll follow your advice.


  97. My wife and myself both had a single ring missed calls at the same time on each of our mobiles at 21:57. The calling number was the same on both phones – 02 84042236 – so it aroused my suspicions and I Googled the number to find myself here to confirm it is a scam.

    TOP JOB FELLAS! All power to the people πŸ˜‰

  98. Thanks 4WM. As most others have commented. Received a call from one of the 02 numbers and thought it odd (being that I’m in Brisvegas and have given my mobile number to a total of about 10 people (none in NSW/ACT)). GOOGLED it… found this.

    Thanks heaps, keep up the good work.

  99. scam still active.. was contacted by (02)84042215. googled the number and it led me here. THANK YOU!!!!

  100. I happened to be on google ready to search some information for an assignment, and before my phone rings the creen lights up, so i was waiting for a name/ number to appear and it comes up with missed call so i was like wtf??? and saw the number 03 81029565 and i dont know it so i searched it on google and got this page…hmmm strange…. i just got another one lol

  101. Yep guys…..

    Me too. I received a call from 0284042236 June 3rd 6:01pm.

    What idiots there are in this world to think of something like this. Thanks for your info peeps! πŸ™‚

  102. Thought it was funny that I didn’t hear the call, but if they only ring once that explains it. Googled the number 02 84042242 and found this site. Hate telemarketers and the pranks they pull, just makes me more determined not to answer their calls. Sooner they legislate to stop this the better!!

  103. Whirlpool forum doesn’t keep threads running forever due to the high load on the servers. They also have a huge amount of posts per day. I doubt if its to do with any legal requirements, just a server load reduction (searches etc.)

    Cheers nice list, I emailed it to friends hope you don’t mind.

  104. My wife received a call from 02 8404 2242, as did Ruth from an earlier post. It came at about 11:00pm. We didn’t return the call, and I Googled it, which took me here.

  105. 0284042236 yesterday afternoon. This is the second one I’ve had. Couple of months ago had one from an 03 number, which led me here. FWIW a guy rang the radio in Sydney the other day complaining about this exact thing. The missed call, so you ring back only to hear you’ve won a prize etc etc. Don’t know whether they looked into it.

  106. argh, i had a call this morning from 0284082296. These people are invasive and destroying our peace and quiet. Thanks for putting the list up, saved me returning their call. πŸ™‚

  107. argh, I received a call this morning from 0284082296. These people are invasive and destroying our peace and quiet. Thanks for putting the list up, saved me from returning the call.

  108. I think I was hit by another number. Yesterday evening at 6.17pm I received a call from 03 8102 9573. As I had been hit by DC a month or two ago and found this website, I immediately thought it was another DC call and Googled for the number.

    Although that number is not on the list, it is only a couple of digits away from another on that list. Also, I Googled for ‘038102’, and found that it is a Melbourne prefix code used by the 1-800-Reverse company. If this is true, it means that DC (or whoever they are) are not only calling from Melbourne, but may be using the 1-800-Reverse system, which means that if you pick up the phone in the instant they call, they STILL don’t pay any money.

  109. i dont know what made me decide to google the no. 0284042236 before ringing it back, but im glad i did!! Im a very broke uni student and just by checking the no. b4 rining it has saved me a few buck at least…..KUDOS to the web site!!

  110. just have a question for you guys – my mobile number has been getting prank calls for quite a while although they are always from different phone numbers – some 07, some 03, some 02, some mobiles – a bit of everything really (on average 1 to 2 every day). Anyone got any ideas as to why I would be getting these calls – is there somewhere like on a prank call website that someone might have listed my number?? Any other ideas? Thanks.

  111. Whirlpool forum doesn’t keep threads running forever due to the high load on the servers. They also have a huge amount of posts per day. I doubt if its to do with any legal requirements, just a server load reduction (searches etc.)

    I very much doubt that was the reason as it was removed only a few days after the original posting. πŸ™‚ That and the guys behind this are rather annoying with 4WM at the moment.
    Not a problem with sending a link to friends, I will make an update to this list during this week to include any new numbers mentioned on this page.

    Anyone got any ideas as to why I would be getting these calls – is there somewhere like on a prank call website that someone might have listed my number?? Any other ideas? Thanks.

    I’m not aware of any such list, but it could be that you number has been incorrectly printed on a flyer or something.. But usually you would find that out pretty quick hen people ring and ask about the advertised product/service. Rather odd…

  112. Just had a missed call from (03) 8102 9573 – I have no idea why anyone would be ringing me, especially when I don’t know anyone from Victoria. I wonder if the mobile phone provider or other companies I leave my number with, so as to receive a call back, is selling numbers to these bastards.. my phone number is not advertised anywhere.. that’s the last time I leave a contact number on anything I fill out by way of competitions or attendance at the local dentist..

    Anyhow, I thank you for this blog as I, like every other person who ever misses a call, google’d it and this page popped up. Not that I would have called the number back anyway, I don’t call back any numbers I don’t recognise, ever.. if it is important or they need to get a hold of me, they will ring me back and pay the cost..

    Besides, you don’t ever get anything for nothing.. some people are silly for believing they have won anything, especially when they haven’t done anything to expect to win!

  113. Just had a prank call from 0284042216 (next in number sequence on your list) and luckily my sister in law was here and she told me of her woes when she got her recent bill, as she had returned these hoax calls and got charged quite a bit.
    Good to see there is a lot of people speading the word. Keep it up.

  114. I had a prank from (03) 8102 9573. Would you mind adding that to the list?

    Thanks a lot. And thanks for having all the numbers in one easy to find spot. Very helpful.

  115. I have been called by these people (DC Marketing) a number of times. I always know it’s them as my wife get’s called seconds later (her number is 1 number above mine)

    I tried making complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (, NSW Department of Fair Trading (, the Telephone Information Services Standards Council ( and the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (

    All of the above were beyond useless, some organisations trying to pass me back and forth between. I suggest everyone try complaining to all of the above and maybe oneday something will be done.

  116. another to add to the list -02-8404-2207 – just rang my phone immediately after my wifes number.
    Also a company called SPLASH has sent her the occasional SMS full of hieroglyphics with a little english at the end relating to ringtones.

    I never ring anyone back if I dont know the number!

  117. Just for info,
    they don’t actually have to get your number from anyone.
    The mobile numbers issued are basically sequential (using a numberic pattern) , and if they dial EVERY number, the invalids ones just get deleted from the possible-dial-back list.

    BTW – thanks for the blog on this – it has helped many by the look of it!

  118. ONE MORE COMMENT (i promise this is the last)
    just did a little more researching on this stuff and found this page on the DC people’s website
    it includes a REFUND of your gift costs if not happy with the gift that come4s thru the SMS/website version of this scam
    the relevent section says
    7. Refund policy: If you are unhappy with your gift, please send a mail to In this case, the following process will be initiated:
    – Delivery of gift item will be cancelled
    – Once you receive your phone bill, please make a copy of it, and highlight the call costs of your call to us on the copy.
    – Please send us an e-mail with an electronic copy of the bill, or a postage-paid envelope with your full name, address, mobile phone number and the word “REFUND” on the envelope to DC Marketing, PO Box 994, 2088 Spit Junction.

    While not directly an offer for refund for teh mobile phone scam, those who rang the costly number may be able to use the email or postal address to get refunds themselves.

  119. Their still at it… my first today…..0284042236

    Why hasnt anyone blamed the phone companies for this,, just like the late night adds on tv “call me now” its solicitation to make a profit from people calling these expensive numbers,,, therefore they must be in on it with DC marketing or whoever the f it is. And paying them. Hold our carriers responsable.

  120. i recieved a missed call (02 8404 2296) from dc marketing on my virgin mobile, i rang virginmob to inform them of the number, after taking my details and the number of the missed call, was told that he would pass it onto the tech guys to deal with it as they had alot of complaints about this dc marketing and other marketing companies, after i got off the phone to virgin mobile about 10min later i recieved a call from the guy i spoke to at virgin and was informed that an email was passed around informing everyone at virgin to be aware of the number os complaints against dc marketing… was also told that due to some loop hole the dc marketing scam is legit…. how i have no idea nor did the guy at virginmobile.. so just to make everyone aware the phone scam from dc marketing is a scam and is legit through some loophole

  121. Buggers just called me from 02 8404 2236.

    Have also just updated the list to include:
    02 8404 2207
    02 8404 2216
    02 8404 2242
    02 8404 2298
    03 8102 9573

  122. Thanks for starting this thread!

    Same old story – I just got a missed call from 03 8102 9573, I was suspicious that it was an unfamiliar number that rang just once so googled it and ended up here…

  123. Hi there, I got a call from 02 8404 2242 on 10th June at 10:21pm.

    When I rang the number back just now from work, I got a message saying “This Mediatel service is now closed. You have been charged the advertised rate for this call.”

  124. Hi there, I’m from Perth and wondering why there’s someone from Sydney with the number (02 8404 2236) called me at around 11.49am, but i din manage to answer.

    Was wondering if i should call back but luckily i found its a spam after some searches for the number on the internet.

  125. Call at 11.01pm, new number 03 8102 9563, haven’t called it but assume same scam since only 1 digit different to two of the other numbers…..(9565, 9573)

  126. Guys,

    Its very simple to stop this spam – simple email – in the subject line, put NO MARKETING .

    This will remove you from their call lists. If you have opted in for contect, use the same email address and ask them to stop sending content – or send STOP to 0427 880 880.

    The email address above is DC marketing customer service – found them very helpful actually.

    It frustrates me that these companies can spam like they do, but no need to talk ACCC etc, they are just a business trying to make money like the rest of us.


  127. Yeah Philo,

    Great idea– send your mobile number to an organisation whose entire business model is based on a lack of respect for privacy and propriety. I’m sure it’ll stay in very safe hands. Care to also post the URL of DC Marketing’s privacy policy?

    Indeed, spammers and scammers (and corporate fraudsters, armed robbers etc) are trying to make money like the rest of us. Insightful observation.

  128. Simon – no need for your sarcasm.

    The t’s and c’s from the ‘gift’ are at You’ll struggle to find any straight-out privacy wording.

    Up to you whether you send a mobile number – but if you called back by mistake, they will have already confirmed your mobile. Believe me when I say I know how these companies work – having been in advertising agencies for over 10 years. The databases are built from many, many sources – you will be on thousands of databases in Australia unknowingly. I traced where my number was found, and it came from info that I supplied to!

    The best advice I can offer is to do what I suggested above – even though you say these guys have no respect for privacy, if you ignore it, you’ll keep receiving calls/content etc from them. You have to give the benefit of the doubt in these situations. Look at it this way – can it get any worse? I was getting 5 calls a day and content download messages daily – these have now stopped 100%. Its not to say that it won’t happen again, but for now it has.

    Entirely up to you what action you take – but please don’t spout off your negativity towards my advice – let others decide for themselves.


  129. Hi Administrator – why won’t you post my reply to simon? I’ve submitted twice – but its not being displayed?

  130. Yeap I was just also pranked and decided to google the number and i got here lol.. I Think a lot of people google it before ringing back… ehehe πŸ˜›

  131. Philo: Hi Administrator – why won’t you post my reply to simon? I’ve submitted twice – but its not being displayed?

    Apologies Philo, your comments had been caught in the spam filter which I only check every week or so. Have been cleaned out and posted above. πŸ™‚

  132. Just to point on one item in your reply Philo.

    Up to you whether you send a mobile number – but if you called back by mistake, they will have already confirmed your mobile.

    I fail to see how that is technically possible given that the same number is used for multiple mobile calls and there is no verfification in the actaully spam answering message.

  133. Phil,

    You sound quite a lot like I. Gruber or P. Pichler.

    Although your comments are duely noted they are also looked upon dubiously. I suggest you consider using some facts to back up your supposed information.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    skelm ( 4 Wise Monkeys author and co-founder )

  134. This is just pathetic.
    How do they even get our damn numbers?
    personally I think it should be illegal, Unless they want to start paying for our phone bills.

    I can’t believe I fell for it.. I thought it might have just been a friend of mine I talk to on the internet then found out it was some stupid bunch of scammers posing as an even more pathetic dating agency of some sort..

    Like I have any interest in that crap, HA!

  135. Folks – got spammed recently & mistakenly took up their $40 prize offer. Subsequently received 10 texts purporting to contain pictures, which were my prize. Turns out all were useless bcos my phone gave the message “Message cannot be displayed” when the text was opened – worthless prizes, nice one.
    However, have discovered that DC Marketing’s service provider is Inpho InterActive, who can stop any further DCM activity reaching your phone if you ask them to do so – call them on (02) 9318 4900.
    Good luck.

  136. I receiced a missed call on my mobile today (21 June). It just rang for a split second and did not give you time to answer it even if you had the phone right in your fingers. The number is 02 84042289. I don’t know any person in that area who knows my mobile number. I did not returned the call knowing the existence of such an unscrupulous DC marketing, having been warned by friends. I hope my post would lead other people who received the call from this number to come to this thread.

  137. Hey guys, thanks so much for this page.
    Missed call. Didn’t recognise the number.
    Googled it and got here.
    This is a great thing you’re doing!

    BTW, number was 0284042216.

  138. Hey,
    I also got the missed call routine. The number was also 02 84042289. I too did a google and got this site.
    Also, as mentioned, thank you for bringing this to peoples attention.
    Its a shame we all can’t spam the instigator back.

  139. Just recieved a missed call from 02 84042289.

    My mobile number is on the DO NOT CALL list with Vodaphone.

    How they got my number is unknown to me…

    Mick Patten.

  140. i got a missed call today from the scammers. 25th June 2006
    I rang it and it put me through to a 1900 number and then charged me $2.75 a minute and said that i would win a $40 phone gift pack and something about being in the draw to win $500, $10,000 and a dream holiday.
    The number was – (02) 8404 2239 ( Don’t ring it)


  142. I got a phone call on my mobile from 03 81029563. I did not ring it back, but my wife also got a phone call the other day from one of these scammers, which was a dating service. This wasn’t so bad, but the same thing happened to a mate of mine two weeks ago, same thing ring once, then hang up. His wife rang the number back, the number being a dating service. Needless to say they were fighting for several days, till this was discovered. Lucky they had a decent relationship in the first place, otherwise it would have split them up. Good friggen work scammers. I will be contacting the ACCC tomorrow

  143. I recon they get mobile numbers when the user fills in online forms on websites. They may use some sort of spyware methods to collect secure information. Bcos my mobile number is not even listed. but I got the call a day after submitting an online form in a website.

  144. Hey ppl im wondering if ne1 can help me….

    im in melb got a phone call from 0381029563 and i did call back then it talked about ringing a number for sum prize looked up on google and relized it was a scam.

    Today, actually just 10min ago i got a phone call from 0282073191 and i picked up a machine answered said i had won 5 credits to download free tones to my mobile from sum website cant remember sumfin like http://www.unlimited(sumfin).com and if i wanted my prize to press 1.

    Dont know if it was a scam pretty sure it was. Didnt want new tones so i just hang up after that. Just wondering if ne1 knew or heard about this and if it was really a scam.

  145. i had two numbers ring me from the list: , 02 8404 2201 on the 15/05/2006 at 9.02pm, and 02 8404 2269 on the 16/07/06 at 8.18pm. so the numbers r still going arround. thanks to u i did not ring the phone number back.


  146. I am in WA. Just got the 02 840 42269 number on my mobile which was for a dating agency. I thought it was a work contact hence used my companies phone to call them back. Now..have to explain to boss why I have made a premium cost call to a dating agency!! Will also be contacting trading standards!!! What a pain in the butt!!!

  147. Hey friends had already told me of a scam such as this so I didn’t call back the Sydney number (I’m in Melb). Here’s a number to add to the list (very similar),
    02 8404 2219.

  148. i received a missed call on my phone at 8.13pm last night…didn’t even hear it ring. googled the number today and lead me heer. number was 03 8102 9563 didn’t call it back…just as well by the look of it.


  149. Just got a missed call, 0284042269. Google’d it and got sent here! It was at 11.28PM Adelaide time, and the phone rang for about 1/2 a second or so. Bastards.

  150. I just received a missed call today 8th August from

    03 8102 9563

    Came straight here and saw it was on the list.

  151. I have received a missed call today > 8th August 2006

    Phone # 03 8102 9563

    wasted my prepaid credit for nothing. How can you stop this bastards?

  152. last nite at 11:36 i got a phonecall from this number, 0284042269 same as Dave, and yaeh, my phone was on silent so it didnt wake me up or anything, but thismorning i was like WTF WHO IS THAT!!!! so i googled it, and i got led here, thanks

  153. Great idea, but more against the law than what they are doing. And easy to trace. You really need to use a botnet to do this if you want it to be effective. Which is even more illegal.

  154. Hi skip

    Just an update, DC Marketing have been fined for there actions, check out for more πŸ™‚


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