Life Happenings Post

Thought it was about time I posted what was happening in my life as a bit of break from all the geeky stuff 🙂

Went to Melbourne for business last week, first time over there and bloody cold. Was only there for a few days to do a few things in the Melbourne office and meet and great. Was a great short stay and happy to come to the warmer Perth climate. Might stay a little longer next time if it’s in the Summer months so I can have a good look around the place.

Just realised I never actually posted an update about the Unit. Well it’s ours! Have moved most of our stuff in, hoping to get the rest of it done this week. Bloody great little unit very cozy. The plan is to move in there for the next three weeks before I fly up to Hedland. Thankfully ADSL connection was just activated today. *chuckle*

Speaking of Hedland… Flying up there to spend a week with the girlfriend and her family. It will have been 10 weeks apart when I head up there, far too long. 😦

I think that covers the major things over the past month or two. Hopefully will have some more photography that’s worth posting soon.



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