Red Bull Air Race 2006

The Red Bull Air Race World Series 2006 held the final round in Perth, Western Australia my backyard. Managed to make it down to the river front to catch the qualifying runs on Saturday. I was hoping to wander down on Sunday for the race, but the place was packed and traffic a nightmare. But it was a great day on Saturday watching them hoon around on the river, and amazing to see them use Langley Park as a air field.

Below are some photos I took on Saturday.

IMG_4447 IMG_4605 IMG_4459

IMG_4475 IMG_4446 IMG_4541

IMG_4622 IMG_4583 IMG_4625



  1. Awesome photos! My brother was there and he’s hoping for the DVD for Christmas – know anywhere I can get it or when? I’ve been looking on the net and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this year’s one. If you know of where/when I can get can you please email me at


  2. Hi Christina,

    Would love to grab it on DVD too, great event and the TV coverage was perfect.
    But for this Christmas I think we’ll be out of luck. The 2005 DVD was only released 06 November 2006. So I doubt we’ll see the 2006 DVD for at least 6months… 😦

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