Guitar Hero II – Phychobilly Freakout

It’s a Phychobilly Freakout!

YouTube – GH2 – Phycho Freakout – Expert (8 years old)

Now that’s the way to Rock Out!



  1. Hello there,

    sorry for writing here, but I didn’t find your email address. The thing is that I’m using the trisexuality WP theme in my webpage and I’m experiencing some problems I have read you had as well (green menu in IE). Because I’m quite desperate now, I was thinking maybe you got the solution or could give some hints from your experience…



  2. Hi Paul,

    Not a problem! If you need me again there is a Contact Page. Just not so obvious on this theme with the small icon to the left… :/

    Now regarding Trisexuality. I don’t think I’ll be able to help you there… I seem to recall having to go back to Jark (author) to try and figure something out and never really got anywhere…

    What I will suggest thou is if you have modified his theme install a clean copy (rename the folder) just to make sure it wasn’t something we did. I can’t recall if the bug was there in the original version or not.

    Hope that helps!


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