Two Wheels

Some weeks ago both m4jik and I both got our R-E 250cc class motorbike learners permit. Something we’ve both been thinking about starting to do for many years.

Since then we’ve had a few lessons and happy to say they are going well. 🙂 We’re both comfortable on the bike and have both got out of the car park and into traffic. The hard part at this stage is to snag a booking to do the practical test. At present there is a 5-6month wait…

The other good news is I managed to find a bike! A spent a few weeks flicking through the trading papers and making phone calls. I managed to snag one before it was even registered in the state. 😀

My Honda VT250 Spada ’89
Honda Spada

It’s been great to have our own bike. It has meant we can practice riding with Dad on his old 70’s Honda. It’s great to be able to ride without the instructor over your shoulder and just enjoy riding around.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write again soon with news of passing my test. But first things first, more lessons. 🙂 Oh must not forgot, if your a Perth Rider head to, great mob!


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