12 Books in 12 Months – Part 3

Well this post should have been done close to 4 months ago… But the book I was reading was put down and never touched again. 😦

But thanks to a recent trip up into the North West (which I will elaborate on once I get the photos downloaded) had me polish off two books. This brings me to a total of 4.5 books for the year, bit behind, but not all lost. 🙂

Fifth Elephant

Now the first one I finished was Terry Pratchett’s – The Fifth Elephant. It was refreshing to jump back into a Prachett novel, certainly helped get into the holiday mood. Was great to get stuck into another Disc World novel centered around the Ankh-Morpork Watch. Classic Pratchett, Easy read.


The second book was a little more interesting, Terry Pratchett’s – The Colour of Magic. The first in the Discworld series and certainly shows it. Very rough and found it a bit of a struggle to read, especially towards the end. Glad I read The Last Continent as it gave me a slightly greater understanding of who Rincewind was, otherwise he’s a very boring character to follow in this one…

On to the 5th book for the year, not too sure what I’ll tackle just yet. But I’d better make my mind up soon if I’m to read 12 in 12.


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