Guitar Hero 3

“I wanna Rock and Roll all nite and party every day”

Well we did, all weekend. πŸ™‚ BigW had a one day sale on Saturday which featured GH3 for all consoles for $98. A crazy price which meant crazy lines. Sam, Nay and I went down first thing and got there a few minutes after the doors opened. Already we saw a swag of people walking out the door with Guitar Hero under their arm. We lined up and thanks to Simon who was near the front offered to grab us a copy. However by the time he asked all the Wii copies were gone.

So the hunt was on. To find another store with stock and willing to price match BigW. Simon headed to JB Hifi while we went to Harvey Norman. We were happy to see a pile of Wii copies on the Harvey Norman Games department floor. So we asked the dude if he would match the BigW price, he was happy too. πŸ˜€ So with three copies bought and Simon with his we were set for a rocking weekend.


Sam and I managed to get through most sets on Saturday on co-op which unlocked a few co-op only songs. Then most of the day Sunday Nay polished off her GH3 skills. I would have to say GH3 isn’t quite as memorable as the first two, mainly due to the set list. But the new devs did gives us (the fans) what we wanted and the new tweaks are good. It is still Guitar Hero and my god it is still fun.


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