Palm Pre


I didn’t really belive it, but Palm have risen from the clutches of death to release a new Phone but more importantly a new Phone Operating System. I used to be a bit of a Palm fan some years ago, but recently they’ve just been making hardware and installing Windows Mobile on the devices, ugh.

Take a look at the Demo from this year’s CES on YouTube. Full Length coverage broken down into 7 parts.

Features I like:

  • Calendar intergration – Displays events from your Google calendar, not sync’d.
  • Contacts – Intergrates information from other chat protocols and Facebook. Allows quick switching from SMS to Google Chat for messaging and shows online status.
  • Notifications – They nudge, they don’t take focus. Thank gawd for that!
  • Cards – All applications are now cards, this allows smooth switching and logical gestures when dealing with each ‘Card’.


Edit: Looks like Sprint was rather generous to the Stars at the Oscars. Eliza Dushku (amoung others) now has a Palm Pre.

Love the design and intergration. I could go on about it, but here’s some screenshots below instead. 🙂



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