Free Antivirus – Avast! 5

For quite some time I have been recommending avast! Antivirus to Friends, Family and Colleagues to protect their personal computers. It’s simple, covers all bases and easy to maintain but most of all it’s free!

I was glad to find out recently that they’ve just released their latest major version of their free Antivirus product version 5. They’ve made it easier to use and it looks so much better.


Changes I’m glad to see:

  • Simplfied layout in program window
    The previous layout was far to confusing, I had trouble every time I launched it…
  • Easy access to Boot-time Scan under ‘Scan Computer’
    My must suggested fix for viruses on a computer, as it scans your disk for viruses before Windows starts making it possible to delete them.
  • Gaming mode
    Supresses notifications when a full screen application is launched
  • Easy to see protection status
    Nice big letters and colour right up the top so you know everything is running and up to date

If you’re not running antivirus or your currently paying for virus protection I’d strongly recommend avast! 5. Download it here:


1 Comment

  1. As a former Colleague whom you have recommended this program to, I though I would mention that I just installed it on the new laptop yesterday. It has yet to cause me to leap out of bed, ready to buste my kung-fu on the intruder who is informing that the anti-virus database is now up-to-date. …but it has only been one night so far

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