Perth's Huge Hail Storm – Photos and Video

What a drive home yesterday afternoon, here’s the photos and tweets I posted.

“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”

“Racing this home”
"Storm won :( That's my backyard starting to flood. Storm drains got up to 3/4 full" - tweet
“Racing this home”

Single hail stone stuck to my car roof

“Racing this home”

I was caught in a huge storm over Perth. Drove half of the way and sailed the rest. Streets were flooded all over the place and with the lightning going crazy many intersections were without power. Arrived home safely (thanks for opening the shed @Mrs_RB!), thankfully our home was in good shape. Seeing as we pulled the power to most of the electrical equipment due to the lightning, our only source of communication was our mobile phones. Right when I was on the phone to a colleague the phone dropped out and it was a good while before I got reception again. At this point the weather was very calm outside. I thought I’d see if I could get the Perth Weather Radar up on my phone to see what the storm was doing, this is what I saw.

Perth Weather Radar

See that lovely clear bit in the middle? That’s where I was. See that crazy coloured bit above just covering Perth CBD? That come in about 20mins later, bringing with it more of the craziest weather I have ever seen in Perth. I also around this time got a MMS from the colleauge I was talking to earlier showing all the stained glassed windows at UWA’s heritage listed Winthrop Hall smashed. 😦

Winthrop Hall Photo by frenchiephish

Heading into work this morning things didn’t seem too badly affected near home. Lot’s of signs of flooding the streets and only a few tree branches down. It was slowly becoming apparent how badly hit UWA as the roads were littered with more and more debris the closer I got. Below are my photos of some of the areas around UWA.

“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”
“Racing this home”

Some more coverage of the Perth Storms around the Interwebs:

I hope everyone survived this crazy storm okay.


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  1. WOW – thank-you for the link – “» IAAML Blog: Storm in Perth Yesterday awesome photo of the storm front rolling in” – yes the title is a little long – but ! Your photos of the shredded foliage really shows the devasation – that is exactly how the streets of melbourne looked 2-3 weeks ago!Thank-you again for the link

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