Life Update

It’s been a while since I wrote a Life blog entry, as apposed to all the techno babble I’m constantly spewing forth. Hold onto to your mouse, this’ll be a long one…

Home Life
A few things have changed at home. We moved from a one bedroom unit to a three bedroom house, a month before the wedding too! Having a heap of space is great, not to mention the huge shed out the back. 🙂 Plenty of space for the bikes and my new toy. Speaking of which, finally got rid of the 4Runner last year to be replaced by a complete change of pace with a MX5. My Excuse? Honeymoon car. 😉

Married Life
So back in October last year I finally tied the knot with my high school sweetheart, much to the long awaited joy of friends and family. Proposed on Cable Beach in Broome WA during a mid year holiday. Wedding was perfect (except for the cold and windy weather…) and had the reception in the local Speed Boat Club where Nay spent most of her childhood. Honeymoon was spent down in the South West. Started with a few nights just out of Margaret River in a secluded chalet at Forest Rise Eco Retreat, beautiful rammed earth chalets literally surrounded by bush. Was a perfect way to start the honeymoon, including a very enjoyable wine tour with Bush Tucker Tours. Next stop was Denmark, no not the place in Europe the little town on the south coast of WA. Absolutely wonderful place, we were lucky to have a fantastic view of the bay from our Bungalow! Spent about a week roaming around the area, checking out the Tree Top Walk, Whale World, The Gloucester Tree, Pentland Animal Farm, Dinosaur World, Denmark Maze, Bartholomews Meadery. Can’t wait to visit Denmark again, this time perhaps spending a little more time looking at Real Estate. 😀 The last few nights of the Honeymoon were spent back in Margaret River, staying right in the middle of town at the Margaret River Hotel. In a few days we managed to go on a Canoe Tour with Bush Tucker Tours (Can’t recommend them enough), take the new toy for a spin down Caves Road, visit Lake Cave and Mammoth Cave and most importantly stock up on wine before heading home. More photos in the gallery, just click the thumbnail below.

Honeymoon Photo Gallery
Honeymoon Photo Gallery

Working Life
Sadly last month saw the end of my dream job. For nearly the past two years I had been working at Perth’s major game company Interzone as their IT Manager. I’d never thought I’d have the opportunity to work in the Games Industry, let alone on my door step! Not only that, I was working the most talented people in WA in game development and working with three of my high school buddies! It was an awesome ride but I had to make the hard decision of leaving, the company and many new friends. Their first product, Interzone Futebol, is currently in an Australian Closed Beta be sure to head over to to sign up and join in the fun. It’s a great game, I hope it gets the chance to be released to the world.

Australian Closed Beta
Australian Closed Beta

That’s about it for now, I’ll try not to leave it so long till the next ‘life’ post. Stay cool people, back to the job hunt for me.

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